Holiday lodges & log cabins for sale and rent in the UK

FAQ's & Downloads

This page is intended to help if you are contemplating buying a holiday lodge, answering some of the more popular questions and giving you the opportunity to download some pertinent information.

If your question isn't answered here, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. We want you to be as well informed as possible to ensure you are comfortable in having made the decision to purchase a lodge, whether it is for your own use, or for investment purposes.


What is the difference between a holiday lodge and a log cabin?

Either are called different names varying from holiday lodge, log cabin, leisure lodge, holiday home, log home etc., but for the purpose of our website, holiday lodges are built to either British Standard 3632 or British Standard European Norm 1647 and log cabins are generally built to Building Regulations standard, or anything else! A more detailed description can be found on our page ‘About lodges and log cabins’

What am I actually buying?

You are buying the holiday lodge outright, but will pay an annual ground rent and maintenance charge for your plot.

Do I own the land the lodge is sited on?

No. The agreement or lease you sign with the park owner, will give you the right to occupy the plot of land for a given amount of time.

What security do I have?

When you purchase a holiday lodge, you will be required to sign a Licensed Agreement. This will lay out the terms of the purchase of your lodge. It will also define the length of time your lodge may occupy this plot. This can vary from 20 to 120 years and the length of the license agreement will be reflected within the price you pay. You do not require the use of a solicitor with a License Agreement, although you may choose to do so.

You can now download a sample of a Purchase and License Agreement as issued jointly by the British Holiday & Home Parks Association and the National Caravan Council. (Please substitute the word ’caravan’ for ‘lodge’. In the eyes of caravan legislation, a holiday lodge is technically a caravan/mobile home)

License Agreement

With the purchase of a log cabin, you will purchase a lease of a determined length and will require the use of a solicitor and the lease will be registered with Land Registry.

The Office of Fair Trading have also issued a leaflet entitled ‘A Fair Pitch for your Holiday Caravan’, which you can download here. PLease substitute the word 'caravan' for 'lodge'.

A Fair Pitch for your Holiday Caravan

A Fair Pitch for your Holiday Caravan

Will I have to pay Stamp Duty?

You currently do not have to pay Stamp Duty when purchasing a holiday lodge. Normal Stamp Duty rules apply to the purchase of a log cabin if the price you pay is beyond the threshold.

Can I get a mortgage on a holiday lodge?

Long term finance is available from specialist lenders. The park where you wish to purchase your holiday lodge will advise you.

Can I get an Extended Warranty on my holiday lodge?

Yes. There is a Ten Year Gold Shield Warranty available, provided and administered on behalf of the manufacturers and the NCC (National Caravan Council). Within the ten years, the first two years are warranted by the manufacturers and the last eight years by Gold Shield.

This warranty is only available on parks registered within the scheme, please ask the Park Owner. Registration of the Gold Shield Scheme is free for the park owner, but they are obliged to offer additional warranties relating to the base the lodge is sited on.

A note of caution – the Ten Year Gold Shield Warranty may not cover your lodge if the intention is to let it out for holiday rentals. Please ask first.

You can download the Ten Year Gold Shield Warranty brochure here.

Gold Shield Warranty scheme brochure

Can I live in my holiday lodge?

No. If you are purchasing on a licensed holiday park or a log cabin development with planning for holiday use only, you must have your primary residence elsewhere. The majority of parks will require proof of that residence by way of utility invoices on a regular basis.

The BHHPA and the NCC have jointly produced a leaflet 'Misuse of holiday homes', which you can download here:-

Misuse of holiday homes

Misuse of holiday homes

What happens if the park has a change of ownership?

A change of park ownership will not affect your statutory rights, or those within your License Agreement or lease.

Reselling a lodge

You have the right to resell your lodge. There is no obligation for you to sell back to the park owner, although you may wish to do so if they make you an acceptable offer. You should write to the lodge owner explaining your intention to sell and the price you are looking to achieve. If you have an arrangement or contract with the park owner to rent your property on your behalf, you should check the contract, as your purchaser may be obliged to continue with the obligation.

There will be a transfer fee payable based on completion price of the sale. The maximum fee is restricted by an order made by the Secretary of State, which is currently 15% of the sale price or fair market value, although some parks do charge less. This fee could be negotiable at the time of purchasing your lodge.

What happens if I die?

If the lodge owner was living with his/her wife/husband/partner at the time of death, then the surviving partner can inherit the lodge and the rights under the license agreement and continue using the lodge. No transfer fees would be payable.

Another member of the family may inherit and continue using the lodge, providing they don’t contradict the park rules ie. the requirement to be over the age of 18 for example and that the terms and conditions of the agreement can still be met ie. the annual ground rent, any maintenance charge and insurance.

Who are the BH&HPA and the NCC?

The British Holiday and Home Parks Association and the National Caravan Council are the two Trade Associations who represent between them the touring caravan, motor home, caravan holiday home, holiday lodge and residential park home industries.

Stay Safe

All NCC holiday lodge manufacturer members now fit CO alarms on all new homes and lodges. However, you may be contemplating the purchase of a previously used holiday lodge and the National Caravan Council have produced a leaflet giving advice on how to combat the dangerous effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Stay Safe leaflet-2012-version 8