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About Lodges & Log Cabins
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About Lodges & Log Cabins

Lodges, holiday lodges, timber lodges, leisure lodges, log homes and log cabins.

So many names, but often meaning the same thing- can be built to several different specifications and to try and lessen the confusion, we would like to explain to you how we have defined these holiday homes, but purely for our web site only. Please ask the Lodge Park or development owner exactly which specification of lodges/log cabins they sell.


In the main these are built to either British Standard 3632, or BS European Norm 1647. They are generally, but not always, built under cover in a factory in two parts and then transported to the lodge park. There, they are bolted together and the space between the lodge and the ground is bricked or covered in.

These lodges usually come completely fully furnished and equipped, so there is no further expense for you, the purchaser. Don't worry - if you don't care for the included furniture, the park owner can supply without and make a small alteration to the price of the lodge.

BS 3632 is a full residential specification and dependent upon the length of time the lodge development is permitted to remain open, you will be able to use your lodge all the year around, but for holiday purposes and/or as second homes only - not as your primary residence. Please click here for a list of residential licensed parks selling lodges.

BS EN 1647 does not have quite the same insulation as a BS 3632 lodge and therefore can only be used during the warmer months of the year, or during the time that the lodge park is open in the holiday season.

Licences are issued by the Local Authority, as a 'Caravan' Site Licence, although the use of the word 'caravan' is slightly misleading as lodges look nowhere near like a caravan, but in the true legal definition, this is what they are.

Log Homes/Log Cabins

In the main, log homes and log cabins are built to either Building Regulations Standard or to no specification in particular, as the planning consent sometimes does not always stipulate a requirement. Once again, you should for your own peace of mind, ask the developer.

They are built on site, timber by timber, on land that has been granted planning permission for holiday use. Any time limitation on the occupation of the log home or log cabin will be within the Conditions of the Planning Consent.

Even though, the planning permission may be for twelve months of the year, some Councils place a restriction on the number of weeks the log cabin may be used at any one time within the planning permission period. Always ask.

The timber used can be of different thickness and will therefore reflect in the quality and cost of the log cabin.

VAT is payable on just the white goods and loose furniture on any lodge built to BS3632 at the rate of 20%. As from April 2013, holiday lodges built to BS EN 1647 attract a rate of 5% VAT on the retail price. Log cabins built to Building Regulation Standard and other specifications attract a rate of 20% VAT on the retail price.